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We’re Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden and on this site, you’ll find our experiences, photography, and informative travel guides from traveling to over 80 countries and counting. We have a passion for traveling, drinking delicious coffee from around the world, being outside and active, taking photos, and a bunch of other random things.

We were nomadic for over three years across six continents and 80 countries. It took us 500 blog posts, thousands of nights in different beds, a few horrible meals and a tons of amazing ones until we chose to base ourselves in the Canadian Rockies. Now we travel for half the year and explore the mountains for the other half. We think our lives are rad and want to help our readers live an awesome life too!



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Ngorongoro Crater Safari

60 Epic Safari Quotes To Help With Captions

Looking for a few safari quotes to get you ready for Africa? I know it sounds cliche, but there is just nothing like being in the African bush. An African safari is one of the best vacations one can have and something we love to keep experiencing! There are so many African countries to travel

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africa safari tips

12 Safari Tips for Africa You Need to Know

Getting ready to go on your first African safari? In this post, we share our best African safari tips. We’ll never forget our first safari in Africa. It was our third day on the continent and we drove off headstrong into Kruger National Park at sunrise blasting The Circle Of Life. A lot has changed

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How We Drove Across Africa for $300

A member of our family is gone. Yes, Charlie, our 1989 excellent Land Cruiser that we bought to get across Africa now has a new owner. We shared some unforgettable memories together – getting stranded in the Okavango Delta, a flash flood in Arusha, and straddling Zimbabwe and Zambia with nothing but water beneath us. Oh

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